How a Boiler Burner Works

A High Turndown Burner (HTB) is a specialised appliance designed to automatically shut down the steam within high pressure boiler vessels once the required internal pressure is reached. It does this by sensing the change in pressure and shutting down the valves that are connected to the boiler supply line. While the main valve is closed,the boiler pump will automatically start up and begin to circulate heated water through the burner chamber.
The boiler burner can be installed on the same floor as the boiler or can be located at a separate workstation and connected to the boiler using a new boiler connection fitting. In most cases the burner is fitted into an existing boiler installation. In some cases the burner can be added onto an existing boiler. In these cases the boiler pipe and boiler outlet will also be modified to accommodate the burner installation. If you need to install the burner yourself you should read the instructions carefully.
When installing a burner,it is important to ensure that you have enough space around the boiler to fit the burner. If you have more than one burner,you should consider which one will provide the greatest level of safety and efficiency. Most units are designed to handle about 500 watts of power and some are more powerful. If you require more power,you should check with the manufacturer of your boiler before choosing a burner.